AI powered showroom CX

Our platform is expertly crafted from the heart of the automotive industry, offering car dealerships a bespoke solution that tackles the unique showroom challenges and complexities they encounter every day.

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Revolutionize Customer Check-In

Choose Between Our Intuitive Kiosk Interface or Seamless Automatic Check-In with Vision AI.

Increase Showroom Process Efficiency

From Check-In to Delivery, Track Time with Precision, reducing the total time in the dealership while increasing efficiency.

Enhance Your Showroom Experiences

Tailor Your "Road to the sale" with Customizable Steps that reflect your unique showroom process.

Vision AI

Unlock the full potential of your dealership with Dealer Eye. Vision AI transforms your existing camera systems into a smart CX enhancer. By detecting unassisted customers in real-time, Dealer Eye ensures that every visitor receives prompt and personalized attention.

Self check-in kiosk

Elevate your dealership’s CX from the moment they step in with our Self-Check-In Kiosk, a modern solution seamlessly integrated with your dealership’s CRM. Streamlining customer’s initial interaction and setting a high standard for convenience and efficiency.

Showroom pipeline

Our customizable In-Showroom Pipeline feature revolutionizes the showroom experience by providing real-time insights into each customer’s journey through the sales process, identifying bottlenecks, and optimizing the flow. Tracking time spent at each stage, ensuring efficient resource allocation and a smooth transition from one step to the next.

Visit analytics

Leverage our Showroom Analytics feature to fine-tune your dealership’s showroom process, staffing, and training programs. By analyzing data on customer engagement and staff interactions, Showroom Analytics enables you to make informed decisions that enhance the customer experience.

Browser Extention

The browser extension ensures your road to the sale stays on track with its intuitive sidebar that integrates seamlessly within your CRM. It simplifies the process of uploading documents to digital deal packs, making everything easily accessible and efficient.

More Features

Smart Customer Assignment

Automatically assign visitors after check-in to available salespeople, ensuring prompt service and an impressive CX.

Firewatch Time Management

Efficiently rotate salespeople responsibilities from watching the lot to follow-up and administrative task during down time.

Manager TO Verification

Ensure each customer receives a manager introduction during their visit with in app notifications and smart QR verification.

Team Comunication

Chat internally about current in showroom customers. Ensuring collaborations and effective communication.

Two-way CRM Integration

Eliminate duplicate data entry with our seamless CRM integration with CDK eLead, VinSolutions and Dealersocket.

Voice AI Assistant

With Carly Voice AI Assistant summarizing and crafting tailored game plans is as easy as answering a call.

Coming Soon

Interactive Documents

Elevate your showroom to the modern era by introducing documents and quotes that can be interactively written on with a stylus.

Integrations and connected CRM

By connecting with your CRM, you ensure that all customer information is synchronized and easily accessible, improving opportunity management and showroom processes.

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