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Maximize every sales opportunity with our advanced Vision AI and smart Showroom management technology. Seamlessly integrating with your CRM to increase closing rates and enhance showroom efficiency, ensuring every customer interaction is optimized for success.

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Better experiences from first impression

Vision AI

Transforms your existing camera systems into a smart CX enhancer, detecting unassisted customers in real-time.

Self Check-in Kiosk

A modern solution seamlessly integrated with your dealership’s CRM, streamlining customer’s initial interaction.

"Desklog.ai has revolutionized the way our team approaches productivity. The analytics have enabled us to optimize our showroom process and decrease length of showroom visits."

- Chief Technology Officer

"Vision AI has stops walk-ins from slipping through the cracks by automatically logging each one into our CRM. We've seen around 40% more opportunities logged."

- General Sales Manager

"Desklog.ai's tagging feature has enabled us to personalize our approach to unsold customers. Providing our BDC ability to reengage effectively and boost our sales conversions."

- BDC Manager

End with notable vehicle delivery

Leverage our Showroom Analytics feature to fine-tune your dealership’s showroom process, staffing, and training programs. By analyzing data on customer engagement and staff interactions, Showroom Analytics enables you to make informed decisions that enhance the customer experience.

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Desklog.ai gives you the tools you need to bring your dealership’s showroom into the AI era with features like Dealer Eye® Vision AI.

Integrations and connected CRM

By connecting Desklog.ai with your CRM, you ensure that all customer information is synchronized and easily accessible, improving opportunity management and showroom processes.

Showroom analytics for dealer groups

Desklog.ai offers cutting-edge showroom analytics specifically designed for dealer groups, empowering decision-makers to visually monitor showroom performance with unparalleled clarity.

Custom Reporting

Create tailored reporting to meet the unique needs of your business, accessible through one convenient platform.

Consolidated Data

Get a unified perspective on performance metrics for easy identification of trends, strengths,

Generative AI

Generating customized reports and visualizations that highlight key performance as easy as asking a question.