The Road to the Sale: Mastering Traditional Steps with Modern Tools

The “Road to the Sale” has long been the cornerstone of dealership success. However, recent years have brought significant changes, compelling dealerships to adapt. As customers evolve and begin to adapt to kiosks, AI, and the need for smoother, faster experiences, dealerships must ensure they meet customer expectations. The challenge is ensuring that the customer experiences remain exceptional with consistency.

The silver lining is that adapting to this shift is entirely feasible. By leveraging your digital ecosystem, you can craft a modern retail experience that seamlessly guides customers through the purchasing process. Having the right digital tools and technology is essential. Let’s explore how to align traditional sales steps and how Desklog.ai can enhance your sales process.

Step 1: Meet and Greet

Why do so many stumble at this straightforward step?

The meet and greet is where first impressions are made, setting the foundation for the entire interaction. A warm, authentic greeting builds trust and opens communication. Despite its simplicity, many salespeople falter by appearing insincere or overly eager to sell. The aim is to make customers feel genuinely welcome and appreciated right from the start.

Step 2: Fact Finding

Gather all necessary information before proceeding

Understanding the customer’s needs, preferences, and budget is crucial. This involves asking pertinent questions and actively listening to their answers. Skipping or rushing through fact-finding can lead to mismatched recommendations and lost opportunities. Take the time to collect all relevant details before moving forward.

Step 3: Sell From Stock

Focus on available inventory

Emphasizing what you have in stock ensures you can deliver promptly. Highlighting current inventory that meets customer needs can expedite the sales process and reduce potential disappointment. This approach also allows for immediate test drives and quicker decision-making.

Step 4: World Class Walkaround

Can customers envision themselves using the car?

A comprehensive walkaround highlights the vehicle’s features and benefits in a way that resonates with customers. This step is about storytelling—helping them picture how the car fits into their life. Showcase key features and explain how they address specific needs or desires identified during fact-finding.

Step 5: Trade Evaluation

Facilitate accurate trade evaluations

Accurate trade evaluations build trust and ensure customer satisfaction. While appraisals are typically handled by specialists, your role is to ensure a fair and transparent process. Collecting detailed information about the trade-in and setting realistic expectations helps avoid misunderstandings.

Step 6: Trial Close

Testing the waters with a trial close helps determine the customer’s readiness to proceed. This step involves asking questions that lead to a minor commitment, such as, “If we can agree on these terms, would you be ready to proceed today?” This approach helps gauge interest and address any remaining objections early.

Step 7: Get a Commitment

Securing a commitment moves the process from interest to intention. This step involves confirming the customer’s decision and addressing any final concerns. Confidence and clarity are crucial to ensure the customer feels secure in their choice.

Step 8: Negotiate

Negotiation is where your expertise shines. It’s about finding a win-win solution that satisfies both the customer and the dealership. Clear communication, transparency, and flexibility are key. Use the information gathered during fact-finding to craft an appealing offer.

Step 9: Proper Turn to F&I

A smooth transition to the Finance and Insurance (F&I) department ensures the customer’s financial needs are met. This step involves introducing the F&I manager and clearly explaining the next steps, maintaining the customer’s trust and satisfaction.

Step 10: Proper Delivery

Delivery is the final step, where the sales journey culminates. A thorough and celebratory delivery process leaves a lasting impression. Ensure the customer understands their new vehicle’s features, warranties, and maintenance schedules. Address any final questions and express gratitude for their business.

Elevate Your Sales Process with Desklog.ai

Mastering these steps is essential, but Desklog.ai can take your sales process to the next level with innovative features that focus on up rotation management and walk-in opportunity management:

  1. Vision AI: Transform your existing camera systems into a smart customer experience enhancer with Dealer Eye. Vision AI detects unassisted customers in real-time, ensuring every visitor receives prompt and personalized attention.
  2. Self Check-in Kiosk: Elevate the customer experience from the moment they step into your dealership. This modern solution, integrated with your CRM, streamlines the initial interaction, setting a high standard for convenience and efficiency.
  3. Showroom Pipeline: Revolutionize the showroom experience with real-time insights into each customer’s journey. This feature helps identify bottlenecks, optimize flow, track time spent at each stage, and ensure efficient resource allocation and smooth transitions.
  4. Browser Extension: The Desklog.ai browser extension keeps your sales process on track with an intuitive sidebar that integrates seamlessly within your CRM. It simplifies document uploads to digital deal packs, making everything easily accessible and efficient.
  5. Smart Customer Assignment: Automatically assign visitors after check-in to available salespeople, ensuring prompt service and an impressive customer experience.
  6. Firewatch Time Management: Efficiently rotate salespeople’s responsibilities between lot watching, follow-up, and administrative tasks during downtime.
  7. Manager TO Verification: Ensure every customer receives a manager introduction with in-app notifications and smart QR verification.
  8. Team Communication: Facilitate internal chats about current in-showroom customers, ensuring collaboration and effective communication.
  9. Two-way CRM Integration: Eliminate duplicate data entry with seamless integration with CDK eLead, VinSolutions, and Dealersocket.

By integrating Desklog.ai into your sales process, you can streamline each step and enhance your ability to deliver exceptional customer service, mastering both the traditional and digital road to the sale. This strategic approach ensures that your dealership remains competitive and can effectively manage walk-in opportunities and up rotations, positioning you to stand out in the market.